The decisions and actions we make today will determine where we will be tomorrow.

Be part a of us. Be a part of this business.

Are you ready to be a part of something big with real value and purpose?

Whether your goal is to improve your own health, help others improve theirs, or do both while building a big and successful business model, we sincerely invite you to be a part of us.

So why join us? 5 simple reasons!

  • Trusted by an Olympic Silver Medalist: The Company’s ambassador and partner, Ms Goh Liu Ying has widely believed in our products and is currently endorsing the Company’s products.
  • Strong Track Record: Our products are widely sold in the overseas and is constantly recommended by medical practitioners for its effectiveness.
  • Zero risk: as if you’re running your own business. You may ask why zero risk? Simple. SNI x GLY is here to provide you with an opportunity of building your own business. The company takes care from A – Z such as social media, training, and product fulfillment. What’s your role? Building the business.
  • Support from the Company: Like we mentioned above, the Company has a strong team to take care of your needs. The Company has a team made up of Nutritionist, Marketers, Graphic Designers and Business Developers that will assist you to build the business.
  • Additional income stream: With the ever-increasing inflations and market conditions, we strive to provide our fellow members an additional income stream by building the business altogether.

How? Contact us for more information.