f2-M Probiotics Spray:

Produced entirely from certified organic herbs and fruit extracts, f2-M Microbiota is a unique formula of effective microorganisms developed by Professor Fred Fandrich and Mikroveda of Germany.


Fermented herbs and Lingzhi, plant and fruit extracts, sugar molasses, Aerobic and anaerobic living bacterial strains.


Total 1.5 X 10*8 CFU Microorganisms (150 Billion CFUs)

Consisting of 21 different strains of good bacteria

Lactobacillus (L.) acidophilus 0.3 mcg, L bulgaricus 0.3 mcg, L casei 0.3 mcg, L fermentum 0.6 mcg, L. gasseri 0.3 mcg, L. helveticus 0.3 mcg, L. lactis 0.6 mcg, L. paracasei 0.3 mcg, L. plantarum 0.3 mcg, L. reuteri 0.3 mcg, L-rhamnosus 0.3 mcg, L. salivarius 0.3 mcg, Bifidobacterium (B.) animalis 0.3 mcg, B. bifidum 0.3 mcg, B. breve 0.3 mcg, B. infantis 0.3 mcg, B. lactis 0.3 mcg, B. longum 0.3 mcg, Bacillus subtilis 0.3 mcg, Streptococcus thermophilus 0.6 mcg and Saccharomyces cerevisiae 0.6 mcg).

Directions for use:

Adult: 5 sprays (0.75ml) into the mouth, then swallow with half a glass (about 100ml) of water. Use it in the morning and at night before food or as recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.

What’s in the box:

50 ml liquid spray

*Product of Germany*

*Product is of GMP Certified*