Olympic Games Silver Medalist / Co-Founder / Brand Ambassador

Message From Our Brand Ambassador & Co-Founder
Welcome to SNI x GLY

I am incredibly pleased to announce that I am currently the brand ambassador and the Co-founder of SNI x GLY.

Simple as it gets, being a National Badminton Player, I often sustain injuries throughout trainings and tournaments. That being said, I consistently need to recover from these injuries as quickly as possible so that I can get back on the court.

Having tried the products myself, I am pleased with the results, and I have decided to share this goodness with you.

Nevertheless, I am very impressed with SNI’s heart-warming attitude in always giving back to the society. Throughout the past years, SNI is always involved in their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme especially since the Covid-19 Pandemic started. SNI has been contributing to the government, the front-liners, the marginalized society and is hoping to do more together as one in the future.

I am looking forward to seeing you grow with us through this exciting journey ahead!